Behind the lens!


Anurag Singh

Growing up in India, I often witnessed to vibrant and colorful narratives playing out around me that were as mystifying as they were exhilarating. In essence I have always wanted to capture the visual and contextual depth behind these fleeting moments as portals that travel through time and great distances - and thus my love for photography.

An engineer by profession, over the years I have sought to blend technological aptitude with a discerning eye for artistic detail towards generating images that speak as much for the subject matter as they do for my characteristic perspective. Consequently, I have delved in a range of different genres, including portrait and landscape, still life, street, live action, wildlife and astro.

At present I am on a private assignment to uncover unique frames of reference with respect to the city of Porto, where I currently live. If you would like to know more about my work, please feel free to reach me, or give me a ring if you’d prefer to have a conversation over coffee!

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